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  2016 NEWS

Wagoner sets the pace in Newcastle!

The Season opener for the Hoosier Tire Black Hills Mini Sprint Tour began in Newcastle, Wyoming and it was a day that started under the threat of rain . But the skies broke and the sun came out and made for an exciting start to a long awaited 2016 season. Ed Wagoner ( #51) a Newcastle driver set the pace from the very start winning his heat race convincingly and setting himself up to start on the pole for the A feature . Wagoner (#51) set the pace early in the A feature leading all 20 laps and winning the opener . The night was not without challenges as many drivers struggled to find a good setup, and accidents left many drivers out of the feature early . When the dust settled Wagoner(#51) lead the tour across the finish line, followed closely by Brandon Mills (#22) , Logan Hershey (#20), Don Taylor (#31), and last years points champion John Garrigan Jr (#95J) round out the top five .  

The Speedmart hard charger award went to Don Taylor (#31). Started in 10th for the A Feature and finished in 4th.

The EMI hard luck award went to Ron Fulk (#9). Started in 7th finishing the night in 17th.

Feature Results : Wagoner (#51), Mills (#22), Hershey (#20), Taylor (#31), Garrigan (#95j), Reub (#59), R Fulk (11f), 

Huffaker (#7), Olsen (#66), Byfield (#1), Hansen (#16), McIntoch (23), Hensen (54h), Peterson (#307) , Robbins (#50), R Bandy (#27), Ron Fulk (#9).

Heat results :      Heat 1 , Wagoner(#51) , McIntoch (#23), Garrigan (#95j), D Bandy (#28) , Jeff Huffaker (#7)

                    Heat 2, Mills (#22), R Bandy (#27), Karen Deshaw (#26), R Fulk (#11f) Larry Reub (#59)

               Heat 3, Robbins (#50), Ron Fulk (#9), Jim Paisley (#88), Hensen (#54h), Hansen (#16)

Heat 4, Hershey (#20), Peterson (#307), Taylor (#31), Olsen (#66), Byfield (#1)

Topics:  Final preparations for  2016 season 

1. Final review of race inspections that will occur May 7, 2016  ( Season Opener, Newcastle Wy )

If you bring your car to this meeting, tech committee will pre- tech your car for the 2016  season and a sticker will be issued if passed inspection .

(Optional  to save some time at the season opener).

2. Review of  2016 rules and regulations and safety guidelines 

This will be an overview so that rookies and all drivers know how issues will be handled during the season . We will also review all race numbers to ensure everyone is listed and scored correctly.  Required sponsor decals and product catalogs will be handed out also .

Please make time to attend this meeting so that we can start the 2016 season smoothly and everyone will have a clear understanding of all procedures and rules.

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting ! 

If membership is not paid by the first race, car will not be awarded points for the 2016 season and will be ineligible for sponsor payouts for 2016 season.  

2016 Race Awards  : 

1.Champion : Championship Jacket, Trophy , Monetary Payout end of year value based on points accumulated 

2. Rookie of the Year : Jacket, Trophy , Monetary payout based on points accumulated if within top 15 drivers. 

3. Most Improved Driver : Based on driver vote , Trophy, Monetary payout based on points if  within top 15 drivers .

4. Top 15 drivers: Based on total point accumulation , Trophy , Monetary payout based on point accumulation.


Event awards 

( Sponsored By SPEEDMART )

1. Hard Charger Award : Given to the driver who advances the most positions during the race ( From His or Hers original assigned  starting position)


2. Hard Luck Award :  Given to the driver who with the lowest point accumulation for the feature event that started the race .

3. Feature Winner : Most points awarded, Trophy , Photo, Sponsor Recognition, Feature Winner Decal 

Fulk Holds Off Hershey for First Feature Win!

It was the second race of the season for the Tour at Sturgis and on a chilly night the racing was fast and furious , but just like the evening Fulk (#11f) was like ice and held off one of the Tours best Hershey (#20) to score his first feature win ! 

Feature Results : 1. Fulk (#11f) , 2. Hershey (#20), 3. Taylor (#31), 4. Garrigan (#95j), 5. Mills (#22), 

6. Reub (#59), 7. Wagoner (#51), 8. Fremont (#808), 9. Peterson (#307), 10. Robbins (#50), 11. Hansen (#16), 12. R. Fulk (#9), 13. Paisley (#88), 14. Olsen (#66), 15. Kostaneski (#15)

DNF : Henson (#54h), Huffaker (#7), McIntoch (#23)

Speedmart Hard Charger award : Riley Fremont  (#808)

EMI Hard Luck award : Doug McIntoch (#23)

Heat Winners:  Reub (#59) , Peterson (#307), Garrigan (#95j), Taylor (#31)

Mills hangs on to win in Newcastle ,  his first feature win of the 2016 Season!

On a night when track conditions were a challenge, Mills (#22) hung on to pull out his first win of 2016 ! and takes over the points lead  after race #3 of the season 

Top five : 1.Mills (#22), 2. Hershey (#20), 3. Taylor (#31), 4. Fulk (#11f), 5. Garrigan Jr (#95j).

Speedmart Hard Charger award : Ron Fulk (#9) started  20th - finished  6th ! 

EMI Hard Luck award : Tom Peterson (#307)  started 4th - finished  15th 

Heat winners : Wignall (#19) , Mills (#22) , Ryan Fulk (11f), Kostaneski (#15)

Fremont(#808) Tames Sturgis !

Fremont (#808) Scores his first win of 2016  , Hershey retakes the Point lead ! 

A Main Top 5 : Fremont (#808), Hershey (#20), Mills (#22), Paisley (#88), Taylor(#31)

Speedmart Hard Charger award : Hershey (#20)  Started 8th,  finished  2nd 

EMI Hard Luck award : Zack Kostaneski (#15)

After the A-Main the Tour put on a show for the fans at Sturgis  and removed there wings for a 15 lap DASH FOR CASH !

When the Dust settled Taylor (#31)  won the dash for cash race leading all 15 Laps !

Top 5 Finishers : Taylor (#31) , Robbins (#50), Fremont (#808) , Garrigan Jr (95J) , Kostaneski (#15)

Jason Wagoner and Brandon Mills !

Win inaugural 2 day race at Glenrock !

The tour had its 2 day points race at Glenrock Valentine Speedway for the first time and what a show it was with Jason Wagoner (#51w ) dominating the field the first night and Brandon Mills (#22) showing the way the second night .

The Speedmart Hard Charger award on the 17th was Don Taylor (#31) , and on the 18th it was Ryan Fulk (#11f)

EMI Hard Luck award on the 17th went to Larry Reub (#59) and the 18th went to Don Taylor (#31) 

Hershey (#20) shows the way at Sturgis ! Winning is first feature of 2016!

Top 5 : Hershey (#20), R Bandy (#27), McIntoch (#23), Mills(#22), Wignall (#19)

Hershey (#20) scores Speedmart  Hard charger award 

Starting from the 9th position and winning the race !

EMI Hard Luck award winner : Jason Robbins (#50)

Hershey (#20) & Mills (#22)

Tame Gillette ! 

It was the first points race run at Gillette Thunder Speedway and Logan Hershey (#20 ) and Brandon Mills (#22) each raked up a victory and continued there dominance for the 2016 season ! Logan Hershey (#20 ) won his  3rd  of 2016 and Brandon Mills (#22) Notched his  5TH Win !  

Logan Hershey the Current points leader looks to clinch the 2016 championship up at  Sturgis  SD  this weekend !

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